Pricing & Terms

Private Lessons:

$50.00 hr. with 1 or 2 people (partners - one leader and one follower).

Cancelling a Lesson:

If a lesson needs to be changed or cancelled, please notify us at least 7 days in advance enabling our time slot to be filled by another student.

All Make-Up Lessons:

Must be held within one week from the time of the original cancelled lesson. Please cancel at least one week in advance.

Lessons be at least 1-2 times a week.

Example: Two days a week, one hour on Tues. and one hour on Thurs

One Day a Week: One 2 hour session each week on one day.

Lessons need to be at least once a week:

This makes for better recall of dance steps. Homework will be assigned!

BONUS: Once a referral has booked and has held their 10th hour private lesson, the person who referred will receive a One-Hour extra private lesson.

Group Lessons:

$50.00 per person per month. ($45 for newcomers first month) Enrollment, 6-12 students per class for better learning. 4 hours of instruction over 3 weeks (one hour and 20 minutes per week). All rules above apply although the make-up classes for a group need to be cancelled and rebooked as a group. Separate one-hour make-up lessons will not be given. Please call at least one week in advance if the group needs to cancel and reschedule. Not cancelling and rebooking in this way will result in a lesson being lost.

All lessons will be paid two weeks in advance.


Wedding Choreography: 5 ($250) and 10-hour ($500) packages available

Line Dancing with Janine's Friend Jim Ray

Free Style Cha Cha

Cowboy Cha Cha

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